Friday, April 8, 2016


Waterflymusic Studio with my producer!

It has been a very busy week in studio recording for my Swahili album. Great things takes time I believe. I enjoy working intensively but also having great time as well. It is not easy being a producer I guess! One has to be creative, attentive,  passion and mentor to the artist! When you get an artist like myself in the studio expect to have me so engaged through the entire process. I just don`t  know how to lay back and wait for the beat ready. I am the beat trust me I do sing my own beat to my producer and ask him to create what is already playing into my mind. We collaborate by searching for the right sound and play live instrument but also take advantage of few samples and put into the song! I of course let in my producer to let their creativity flow with their magic touch on my project! I feel blessed to have great producer who take his work seriously with great passion. I finished one of the songs in which I expect to release in May! I love the song and the message into it! I am very excited about this and hopefully to make my fans happy! Perhaps new people discover my music as well :) 

Natasha Shyrose
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I will keep you posted! 

Rae Sremmurd - Throw Sum Mo (Official) ft. Nicki Minaj, Young Thug

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rihanna - Kiss It Better

Rihanna <3

One of my favourite songs on Rihanna`s album "Kiss It Better." I think I have replayed this song more than 1000 times! Get a teaser of the music video dices with 6 all over! Game of dice amazing one tossing and have another dice to read for action to be taken :) How old are you since you are reading this? Never mind! Spice up your life and live to the fullest! I look so very forward to the music video :)

                                                "Teaser Video All Way Down In Black"

Huu wimbo wa Rihanna naupenda mno huwa narudia kupiga kama mara elfu. Sasa ni kusubiri tuu kideo chake tuone habari nzima ya wimbo. Kwa wale wataalamu wa mahaba hapa utakua ushakisoma kipande kifupi kama hicho. Natumaini umri wako unakuruhusu kusoma hapa au kutazama. Ila watoto wa siku hizi mnakua upesi mno. Nasubiria video hii kwa hamu sana :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


                                  Natasha Shyrose at home eastern holidays!

I think we love longer holidays in Norway while most places everything functioning to normal we were relaxing. I think it is very important for people to have such moments in life spending more time with family. Money is not everything if you can not share beautiful moments with the people one loves. I feel lucky to be in Norway for this that holidays and relaxation is part of system. It is wonderful way to boost up our energy levels and freshen our minds! It also unite families by spending more time together! Never be surprised when you come to Norway in holidays everything closes down. Its great to put relaxation at top priority!

This eastern holidays I have been hiking with my family and relaxed a lot. We took full advantage to enjoy the moment with our guests as well! I think I have to do little bit extra workout for eating little bit extra cakes pieces! Honestly, I have eaten very little candies compared to cakes that I baked myself. There have been a lot of complains on the media for weeks and concerns from the doctors that the candies are too cheap! On the other hand its wonderful for parents who can not afford buying candies for their children to do so. In many cases people tend to forget not everyone is rich in Norway. It is very hard to find people who are going through hard times because one might feel ashamed and responsible for their life situation. There are many life circumstances that can put one so many steps backwards in life! Keep in mind not everyone is responsible to the things happening around them. I know books like Law Of Attractions and The Secret might tell us we are fully responsible to all things happening around us! That is not a case at times you might be leading to certain direction and a lot of challenges happening around you that you never planned or expected! That is why never judge anyone into their life situation instead help if you can or motivate them to the next level! We did nothing much than relaxing and take a walk to explore beautiful nature! Yestereday Kung Fu Panda 3 was at the theater and it was amazing for family being there. I hardly watch movies because I prefer doing things than sitting staring at the screen. I decided to listen to Jazz music and read scientific papers on Cognitive Functions with Genetic and Environment Interaction!

PĂ„skefrokost- Kinguo Mlo cha Pasaka- Easter Breakfast  

Napenda sana kupika nadhani ni kitu muhimu sana kwani unajua kitu gani umetia kwenye chakula. Yani vyakula vya makopo na maboksi nikila vina bahati mno maana kuna vitu vingi ambavyo si vizuri kwa afya vimechanganywa ili chakula kidumu mda mrefu kwenye kopo. Ndio maana napenda kupika mwenyewe kila siku mlo bora bila masukari kibao au mafuta! Mara nyingi rafiki zangu huniuliza kwanini nisifungue restaurant maana navyopika ila shughuli hii itabidi mwenyewe niwe jikoni kama vipikike kama navyotengeneza mwenyewe! Mwanamke mapishi bwana asikudanganye mtu! Pasaka nzima tulipumzika na familia na marafiki. Ni kitu muhimu sana kujipumzisha yani nchi nzima unakuta vitu vingi mno vimefungwa ili watu wapate nafasi kuburudika na familia zao na karibia wiki nzima! Bei ya vyakula na vitu kadhaa vilishushwa ili kusaidia familia wasiokua na uwezo kupata na wao vitu vizuri vya kula na kutumia kipindi cha likizo. Ni wazo zuri sana maana mara nyingi watu hujisahau na kudhani kila mtu tajiri. Na kama mtu hana  uwezo basi watu hudhani ya kwamba umasikini ni kitu cha kujitakia utasema mtu anaomba umasikini. Ni muhimu mno kusaidiana na kumpa mtu mawazo ya kujinyanyua kuliko kumshutumu na ukafara kwama kajitakia maisha hubadilika upesi na mtu akashangaa unapanga hiki huku vingine vinajipangua. Hakuna anayetaka haya wala kujiombea!

I love baking cupcakes! 
Chocolate, carrot and cream cheese cupcakes with vanilla flavor!
Kwenye sherehe ya pasaka huwa tunaficha mayai haya na kuwapa watoto shughuli ya kutafuta bustanini wakipata wanafungua na kukuta vitu vitamu! Ni utamaduni nimekuta huku na kujifunzia huku si unajua pasaka Afrika ni kanisani tuu! 

Homemade burgers! I think we need to workout! My boys were happy for this menu ;)
Kitu hichi kimetengenezwa nyumbani kwa ufundi kabisa!

 Spring is here!
Kajua kameshaanza kuchomoza na joto hadi raha na siku zinaanza kua ndefu!
It feels great to loose some layers of clothes. Spring is here :) 
Doing Nothing is also something!
Wishing you a great and effective week!

Nakutakieni wiki njema kumbukeni kupumzika ni muhimu mno maishani. Kutokufanya kitu ni muhimu mno sababu ndio hapo unarudisha nguvu mwilini :) 


Sunday, March 27, 2016


                               Vanessa Mdee with a new song Niroge produced by Nahreel

 I love the music video is so colorful and the style to the point! This is an East African beauty all way from Tanzania! Her voice is amazing and looking super fabulous on this video. Great work for whoever shot this music video and directed! Gorilla Films have truly super amazing production. These are the people who makes me want to shoot a video for my own projects! Justin Campos is truly amazing at his work and deserves great credit! I think I got to save for a year or so to shoot a video with him unless I get sponsor! For an artist its truly inspiring to have such a wonderful video that can even make one put an extra effort on music production! Vanessa`s interview reveals that she will be releasing her album this year! I am looking forward to the album. I think its wonderful for female artist to bring up another vibe into this music industry to reach into international level. Swahili language always sounds amazing into music and with this kind of video and style am sure it will reach to many ears worldwide. For those who commented that she is a copycat I think its fine to be inspired by other artists and put a little bit of personal touch. As she did here one with a language, genre and style! The little problem I have with the entire song is the middle eight part (to the left, to the right, then beat break down that part has been overused into many East African songs!) It seems many artists have replicated type of singing from the melody and way to make a song catchy! First one was original Diamond, then Kenyan artist Victoria Kimani and others! I think producers should avoid to record bridges or small parts that sounds similar to other artists! Be little bit creative and bring freshness into the entire song! Or else the song is super amazing as the artist herself! I hope one day I can produce, write or feature with Vanessa Mdee, Nahreel and Ay! I love the song as the artist and everything about the music video! It gives me a dancing vibes and makes one feel like they are on wonderland! What a sexy and beautiful lady!

                                           East African Beauty-God Bless Africa <3

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

African Dance Music - BM - EBEBI

Let`s go to Congo! Lingala music as its called enjoy movements and african vibes! It feels like a weekend but its not! I wish you all a wonderful evening and easter holidays!

Get back here tomorrow for more! Catch Central Africa Fire- Ebebi :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


                                    Lady Jaydee picture by East Africa Radio :
                     Album unapata pitia kwa Mkito:

Nikiona video mpya nitawaekeeni hapa tena kwa sasa pata nyimbo ya awali kupita youtube ila mpya ingia Mkito! 

Lady JayDee ft Professor J

Pongezi nyingi zimewendee Lady JayDee kwa kuzindua album yake mpya. Kama alivyoeka mwenyewe kwenye facebook #ReturnOfTheQueen. Kwa kweli hata hiyo hashtag haitajiki hata robo kwani Lady Jaydee si mtu wa kusema #NaamkaTena kwani yeye ni baina ya wasanii wa mwanzo kabisa kwenye hii game! Kwa kifupi ni kusema mwanamziki huyu ni kama mzizi wa sanaa na wala hatakiwi kulinganishwa na nyota yeyote ya sasa ya mziki kwani ni Legend! Kwa kifupi kama vile unavyomwona Bi Kidude ndio namna unaweza mwona mwanamziki huyu ama Fela Kuti. Kina Brenda Fasy ndio wako kwenye level moja na si utani! Nakumbuka wakati nikianza mziki rasmi mwaka 96 Lady Jaydee alikuwa tayari yupo! Anapiga kwenye bendi mitaani na nilibahatika kukutana nae pale Clouds Fm! Ndipo tukakutanishwa na Ruge Mutahaba na Joseph Kusaga kupewa deal la Smooth Vibes! Tulitoa album moja ikishirikisha wanamziki mbalimbali kama kina Terence, Fina Mango, Jimmy Kabwe, Lady Jaydee pia na mimi binafsi Natasha Shyrose! Baada ya album hiyo nadhani wengi wetu tuliendelea kimaisha kwenye fani tofauti bila kusahau mziki. Hata mimi binafsi nilikua siko Tanzania mara nyingi vile nilikua nikiishi Uganda na pia kimasomo kabla sijaendelea ughaibuni! Na huku pia nilijiendeleza na shughuli ya mziki kama wewe ni mwanasanaa wa kweli basi huwezi kamwe kuicha sanaa. Vikwazo viko vingi sana njiani lakini kama mpenda mziki utaendelea tuu!

Mziki tunatakiwa tuupe kiupaumbele japo kuwa wenginewo wanaona sanaa ni si kitu muhimu. Ila kwa kweli sanaa ni burudani ya roho! Badala ya kushindanisha wanamziki inabidi tuwe na mwangalio wa kuona tofauti ya wasanii na kuwaunga mkono kwani hatuungi mkono tuu wasanii binafsi bali tunaunga pia sanaa ya nchi zetu na Afrika ndio wenzetu wanavyokua. Sasa zile tabia msanii mpya akitoka mwengine anaekwa chemba ili akuzwe mpya si dili. Wasanii wapya wenyewe bila wasanii wa zamani wasingekua motivated! Japo wengi huwa hawataji wasanii wa nyumbani kama waliwapa mawazo ya kuimba ila hawajui bila kuwaona hao wasanii wakifanya kitu basi hata wao wasingejaribu. Kwa kifupi kama haupendi Bongoflava haina neno ila ile kuona msanii wa nyumbani anasimama anaimba kwa kweli inatia moyo hata wewe kujaribu na kufata ndoto yako! Tusisahau wasanii walionza sanaa na kuwaunga mkono kama wapya. Na pia tuangalie kingine kila msanii anaimbia rika tofauti wengine hazeeki mtu kisanaa! Si mlimwona Bi Kidude akiimba basi mtamwona pia Lady Jaydee anaendelea hivyo hivyo kwani mziki uko ndani ya damu. Haya nyinyi wasanii wote wapya mkitaka kujua sanaa ya mziki wenu ulizeni Clouds Fm kwani wao ndio waanzishi wa game hii nzima!!! Waulizeni jee nani Lady JayDee, Fina Mango, Natasha Shyrose, Unique Sister, Wastara, Mr 2, Balozi, Terence, Jimmy Kabwe,  Rah P, Mr.Paul, Soggy Doggy Anter, Sam baada ya hapo ndio wakafata Ray C, K-lynn huenda wengine nilishasahau majina anayekumbuka eka comment tutaeka miziki yao nao siku nyengine :)

Hongera nyingi zimwendee Lady Jaydee kama role model wa kiafrika kwangu mimi kwenye fani hii kwani nilimkuta kwenye mziki fikiri toka 96! Huyu dada anatakiwa apewe heshima kumbwa kwenye sanaa ya mziki nchini Tanzania kama kina Remi Ongala ama Pepe Kale pale Zaire :)