Sunday, February 7, 2016


Beyonce looking extremely hot!!! But that library beside her though I want it so bad <3

Beyonce looking so fly and hot like Lava as usual! Formation is personal message to haters. It seems this year haters artists have prepared a portion of your own medicine to swallow :) lolest but at times one can not just keep silence forever! Self love and self-esteem is all that counts no matter what situation life tries to put you on! Have you ever tried to avoid negative vibration but still tries to catch up with you! Well why can`t haters asks for tips of success or whatever they envy so that they transform themselves to what they adore? Hate is not the answer to achievement! I like this song by Beyonce the beat is super amazing! I love the deep bass and little Blue Ivy looking cute on the music video! Haters Beyoncè is drinking your tears for breakfast! Never let trolls put you down they either not happy with their own lives or do not want to see others believing into themselves! Perhaps afraid they might be less important if others make it to the highest level like themselves!

Flash it! 

Music video has strong message from the natural disaster that was ignored at USA. Shooting and arresting of black people even when they are doing nothing wrong! Other things going on I am challenging you to decode the message! Strong song without mentioning she is proud of her background as DNA heritage! Its not your color by the way that makes you a better person but things you do! Instead we see most will end up being ignored or excluded in society just because they have wrong color despite skills and competence!

                                    I love the style on this scene it could make an amazing poster!
                                               Baby Blue Ivy looking beautiful! #Self-esteem
      #Islay  #Weslay

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Today in Norway we are celebrating national day with the indigenous Norwegian the Samisk! What I find strange about this special day why is it that we are not having free day as other special days! Why is it not celebrated and walking on parade like on 17th May?

After 15 years of being in Norway I hardly know what Norwegian culture is except the one I read on the books as in literature and history. Not to forget to mention of course the old people who are called "old fashioned" learned me about how Norway used to be before. There was not so big gap from East African culture! I enjoyed the knowledge from history and cuisine. Those were the only people at least still have value of the Norwegian culture. What I see from the modern society that the culture from their ancestors is slowly fading what is mostly left is 17th May, Eastern Holidays and Christmas! Traditional food luckily is prepared mostly at these special holidays but most people would rather eat something else! I hardly remember when I ate Norwegian food at Norwegian homes! It is always something different borrowed from other cultures. There is nothing wrong learning preparing different types of food to spice up our food taste or options! What I normally do whenever I get a visitor of another culture is share piece of my culture by making them something from my tradition! This is what we call culture exchange through our traditions by sharing a little bit our ourselves with the people of other nations. There are also very few restaurants to offer traditional food in the towns I have been. It seems like Pizza is turning into traditional cuisine than fish, lam (pinnekjøtt) and potatoes! In Trondheim one can experience few restaurant with Norwegian food like at Kafè Skuret with full entertainment at times with Norwegian folk music! At Bakklandet in Trondheim there are few restaurant that can offer well made traditional food! I have also observed 17th may is changing from wearing national costumes to normal beautiful and descent dresses to mini dresses/hot pants! For those who are so engaged on preserving Norwegian culture must remember practicing the culture and share it is one of the best way to make the culture survive!

Samisk men are very handsome! 

If there is any part of Norway that was to be awarded for treasuring the Norwegian culture is where Samisk are found! They take a piece of their culture wherever they go! Their culture is so rich in a way that one does not only know that they exist as indigenous but they also put it into practice and share it! Its easier for us foreigners to notice samisk people and most of us can admit we find them so original and interesting! This is what we need to see in Norway that the culture is cherished and easy to adapt to. I wish to see more of Norwegian clothing in the stores such as knitting with special Norwegian pattern, more restaurants with Norwegian food, families having same value and strong bonds as in old days and not lonely old people by themselves! Most of these indigineous people are still living growing strong as family. Whereas modern Norwegian would always say that all people are too busy for that! We all know its not a secret old family structure is fading as well. Instead of taking care of the old people they are being send to nursing homes. The family values and teaching will never happen if one take the most important people away from their grandchildren. Grandparents are the ones passing wisdom from one generation to another. If they are isolated from their own families how can culture exist from one generation to another?

                                                My beautiful girlfriend who is also a samisk!

When I discovered samisk people was through a friend. I though she looked little bit special and I wondered which part of Norway people looked exactly like her! I was so impressed with the knowledge she had and so down to earth. These are the kind of people who are connected to their roots despite how modern one looks like. I had total whole interest learning about Samisk people and their history was heart breaking like back into the days their children were removed so that they do not practice their culture or language. This was a very cruel practice but this group is still discriminated to date! I think Norway has to take car of the Samisk since they are among few who cherish the nature and culture. The rest are just too modern even for us who comes from other countries to learn what Norwegian culture is! The only thing one learns from Norwegian culture are those special events like  national day, christmas and eastern. To remove the two christmas and eastern holidays is a normal life event but I understand it turns to be somehow cultural since that might be the time some people finally get an sms from a relative to wish them well. You know those kind of relatives who calls only on holidays to say hello or some who are still having family values gathers! That means the only official and cultural event happens to be 17th May! We can move with time and technology but we have to remember our values. In order for one to demand foreigners to respect the culture it must first be practiced. People from other countries have to know what they are adapting not just casual things that one sees on the movies! Show us your culture and tradition to inspire us just like back in the days before people became modern! Samisk are great example to inspire us what it means to have roots! Pass the skills from one generation to another share the knowledge from your ancestors! Despite change of time and somethings makes no sense at all but most will never go out of date. Things like respect for elders which is also another problem when children have rights to decide and talk without respect to their parents or adult! How lovely is that or independent can a child be? Children growing up without foundation and once they are old to start to deal with others in universe leadership coaching and communication is highly demanded! Had they learned basic skills, values, structure, respect from early stage there would be no need to learn about collaborating with people of different background. Some would argue by saying that children should not be learned things early they can not either grow like weed without being guided! One has to remember that one day they will be leaders and run their world with different skills they acquire and life is not only about them but all whom they will be involved with!

Samisk have their language which differs from typical language and its unique. Language is changing as well from one generation to another with new words and even way of pronouncing. Unfortunately Norwegian language might end up turning to english! Most words are borrowed directly from english and just changed slightly to sound Norwegian. I learned history of Norwegian language from Norrønt to bokmål! I think nynorsk as its called should have been taught earlier be maintained because it has less of english words! When one learns a new language it should feel so special and not like speaking a language from a borrowed english words like "CAT" in norwegian its "KATT" another word Exist in norwegian its "Eksistere" there could have been few words borrowed from english but its just way too much as years goes by I have noticed too much english words are applied into norwegian language that it looses its originality! Its not same as learning a language from Finland or Danish! I hope Norway can remember to treasure and value its culture! Its not foreigners changing the Norwegian culture but we are also confused not seeing few things which I have mentioned!

My home is my heart by Jon Henrik Fjallgren. Style of singing known as Joiking!

If I were to choose national costume to wear I would choose from the region where Samisk people are from. I love the colours are beautiful and its look unique. I wish I own one but they are so expensive!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


 Rihanna newest album Anti is one of her greatest album! I was so impressed from the first song Consideration the way how she played with her vocals so amazing song and beat! I remember seeing some of her interviews wishing to create something to be remembered for and touchy lyrics. All I heard after that was "Come on rudebwoy is it big enough and you wanna eat that cake, cake, cake." I thought to myself well those lyrics were of course so touchy and deep ;) Not least hard not to be remembered by listeners. Just kidding but that was exactly what happened after that interview except this time she was able to create something as she wished! I love her album from on track to another as the entire album! I danced to some songs like Work with Drake kind of dancehall beat and nice song! I loved #KissItBetter my kind of song to replay! Kiss it better can it get any better? Well its a song that also make me want to polish my pole so I can make a mini dance on that! Gosh I  need to polish up my pole dancing skills it has been a while stuck into other stuff :) So ladies if you are looking for something hot to dance to for someone special or love making Kiss It Better is the song! If you are offended by what I write on this blog just remember I am myself no fake zones over here! Well all I have purchased so far is music from Google play for this album Anti! I will also buy the CD because I love physical music into cd and see names of the composers, musicians and all those involved into her project! As an artist we know its not a matter of finished track but give credit to all who put their hands into the songs made! Love on the brain is another song by Rihanna which I loved on this album of Anti! This album is absolutely beautiful from the bold and beautiful lyrics, amazing production and amazing musicians/producers who created this album! Sound engineers amazing work! As an artist one would wish to have such amazing team to just create amazing music! If you have not yet bought this album you will enjoy that you have bought it! Finally Rihanna made a Master Piece as she once promised and always wished :) Can we get enough of this Barbados Beauty? 
My answer: Never! 
What about you?
                                                                     Rihanna is such a beauty!

                              Natasha Shyrose`s favourite songs on Anti album by Rihanna
                              #Consideration #KissItBetter #LoveOnTheBrain #Woo #Work #Higher

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Kisses and Peace Upon you!
For My Music

It has been a busy week since last week working with two projects. Music and fashion for exhibition which will be taking place in Trondheim at Clarion Hotel on 14th February! After so many years trying to balance my music either to sound more like western pop or African pop! I decided in 2013 to make my album half way African and western world. The song which was typical African pop was Amka Afrika so tribal. As the matter of fact that was one of the most liked track on that album. I got request to continue with such kind of beats! My fans and listeners of different nations loves deep drums as myself and tribal taste. This is why I am in studio now creating that kind of flavor. To be honest I also missed to dance to deep drums! Its very energetic and hypnotizing taken into another world with music and melt all problems away. Music is greatest therapy especially if something can make you dance or forget. Personally I love all kind of music and if I want to think about absolutely nothing I prefer hard rock something solid like Alien Orchestra! This spring I will release one of my singles and by summer expect an entire album. The songs from this album will be in Swahili but I promise to make you dance if you are dance lover!. Personally I love to dance and I do not care about language into music! In which it refresh my mind with the song I once heard from myspace in Chinese without understanding a word it got me crying! I had no idea what this Chinese Pop Artist was singing about :) I wrote him and wrote about how wonderful his song sound like and how emotional it sounded and even got me cry. Guess what! I got respond from the artist and even review of my own music but he never told me the meaning of his song! Who cares if it was about nuddles and still touched my heart.  That will be same for you who does not understand swahili I hope to capture your heart or make you dance :) All I know I will be seeing some booties shaking especially in Tanzania and I would love to enjoy a great view of that :) What!
#Bae <3
 My producer doing his thing at studio. When we are working together no love stories or else critics might be taken too personal! In our studio we work as music partners and yeah hard critics if one has to reach certain standard. Those moments when someone makes you sing more than 10 times ;) That is called learning in progress and make things sound better :) In spring we will release a song Confidence in both Swahili and English language! I will be mastering my work with Sonovo As/ Stavanger

This song is an inspiration from living in both Europe and Africa and see how different we are raised as children. Where I come from we are empowered as warriors from childhood to believe into ourselves and fight for what we deserve! Breaking down completely is not encoded into our DNA or giving up! We will come for you in hundred ways until we get what we search for! This ideal of being molded made me want to share the knowledge that material things is not all parent should offer but courage/selfesteem is everything! To prepare an individual to face this beautiful and cruel world in future! Believe into yourself no matter how hard situation seem to be! Impossible is nothing :) People who want to control you  will always win you by first reducing you to nothing. Never settle for less or allow anyone make you feel less worth #Confidence is everything! Be your own hero its your life and your story hold that pen and never let anyone write a story for you! Keep in mind those who are happy with themselves will also make others feel the same. There is no way someone satisfied with life goes around picking on others or try to make them feel like nothing! Be your own master give no chance to such individuals with negative vibration! As myself I never give chance to such people and guess what they call me arrogant and proud. Hell, yeah let me be that as if to accept being reduced to nothing so that one can be accepted is beautiful thing to settle down for. I believe all humans are equal and no one should come around play Too good to want me worshiping them. I worship no human being! So listen keep your shit straight believe into yourself <3
You do not have to be rich either to feel self worth!

 I found the perfect light and selfie spot in studio. I love my skin lately best results got from natural products by Monty`s Glow #TeamNatural (Hey, love yourself and you do not have to be miss/mr universe to feel good about yourself. After all if you do not love yourself who else will?)

I will get back to you with more until then have a goodnight and remember Love Is Everything! Love Heals and Love has secret of longevity in life! If you want to be stress free and have best health love! Be love and avoid things that will make you hate :)


Sunday, January 31, 2016


 Difference is beautiful!
What a handsome man- Native American!
I love the difference into everything its indeed of mind refreshing! Nothing I find super amazing than people connecting to their roots. No matter how we grow and change according to the modern world our sources will never go out of date. The spirits of our ancestors still live through us from one generation to another connecting with us in mysterious ways. If we only shut the chaos created by our daily routine we can find peace within our souls. We can find connection through our dreams and learn new things like medicine, healing, knowledge, strategies of solving problems, connect with our planet or prevent future events which might be negative for us. Nothing that stresses us or which was created to cause stress is meaningful. You will find it to be totally meaningless. No matter what you do or where you go stay connected to your roots!

I adore cultures with a lot of wisdom, traditional, values and rituals that connects one deeply to the universe! 

Explore the planet you live in and meet different people to learn living in different ways in life! Imagine even how to solve different solutions we can learn new strategies from different cultures. Yes, its true if we just know what we only know, it means that we are limited of knowledge. In order to expand our mind we have to connect with people thinking differently than ourselves! As I once wrote its even healthy for our brains to develop neurons by learning new things through experience. Those who never learn new things throughout life are prone to mental illness and disorders as adults!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Lisa Gerrard - Vespers

                                                       Artist: Lisa Gerrard - Vespers
Lisa Gerrard`s music touches my soul <3 

This lady is very special! At least to me because of her composition is just beyond beauty! We all have different tests of music and sound. I love listening to everything that moves me my soul, shake my body and set my blood circulation going! Music is indeed medicine to cure us in many different ways naturally :) I do love Lisa Gerrald`s music whenever I want to relax and shutter my mind from daily chaos. For my readers you know the importance of ME-TIME. Whenever one needs to detox own mind has to block out everything that takes away a lot of energy from us. Its like recharging ourselves again being into meditative state or just silent and relaxing! If you do not have never tried it do not hesitate to give yourself minimum of 15 minutes daily just you! Nobody else but yourself and experience the mind and body total relaxation! We all need it no matter how busy life seem to be unless life circumstances stops you. We are not into same life phase because some people are on run while you read this, right now. This is for you who is still so lucky to have a moment to take a break. Do not take moments of our lives for granted. Learn to treasure small things by simply relaxing at least try to take time for that as well. Imagine at times people get sick because they never relaxed. 
May our prayers tonight go to Norway going through thunder storm "Tor" right now. I pray that you are safe  wherever you are. Tor is just the beginning we should expect more of such events in future. Wishing you all a wonderful evening. I pray all those affected to be rescued in right time and get right treatment if needed.