Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gallery Opera- Monaco

I am enjoying art at Gallery Opera in Monaco

As an artist I love to visit galleries for inspiration and explore creativity of other artists. It is so refreshing for the mind exploring something different every single day if possible! I love experiencing new things because it makes my life enriched of excitements.  What a beautiful art gallery found in Monaco. They collected art from all over the world with different techniques. I truly do wish one day I also have my art at Gallery Opera. It worth to visit this gallery whenever you are in Monte Carlo because of its unique taste!

Touring Gallery Opera in Monaco


This piece was one of the kind with space in between and clocks working. I wonder how they made it by attaching each clock and create a figure of a man!

One of my favourite art. Imagine having this at meeting room 😂

I would expect such kind of art from my prince. He is very creative and full of imagination!

This reminded me of my own abstract art!

The lady in the gallery told me the same artist/photographer who made this also created a cover for Rihanna!  I love that album from Rihanna.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Blogger is back

Natasha Shyrose chilling at home

It has been a while since I last blog but am back.
At times one gets too caught up with a lots of social media to maintain alone is not that easy. I have no secretary and wonder how others without manage to keep all their social media rolling! Thats why I am almost the last one to join any new platform. All this time I have at least found a theme that will be much more interesting to follow up with than before! If your interest is music, fashion, art or lifestyle you will enjoy being around here!

Wishing you a wonderful day 💗

Kitu gani by Natasha Shyrose

                                                            Play: Kitu Gani


Unajifanya mjanja
Wakati unacheza moto na kiganja
Ulileta papara 
Ukaniacha na maswali kichwani kama mia
Kama urembo ningejivunia
Kama ni raha ninakupatia
Kitu gani sijakifikia
Afanyacho mwenzangu

Kitu gani alicho nacho 
Nisicho nacho
Jambo gani afanyalo 
Nishindwalo mie

Unahaha haha
Mbona roho yako iko kwenye mashaka
Huwezi nisahau 
Popote uendapo roho yako iko kwangu 
Kama huyo ndiye unayemtaka 
Nini kwangu unachofata
Na kile unachotaka
Ni udhaifu wa nafsi yako

Kitu gani alicho nacho 
Nisicho nacho
Jambo gani afanyalo 
Nishindwalo mie

Haipiti siku bila kukosa kukuwaza
Yale yote tuliyotenda wala sijutii
Hebu sema ukweli
Kwanini wajitapeli
Huwezi kujikeli 
Kwa yaliyo ya kweli
Kusema ukweli kwanini wajitesa
Danganya vyote lakini roho yako yakucheka
Na kile unachotaka hapa utapata 

Kitu gani alicho nacho 
Nisicho nacho
Jambo gani afanyalo 
Nishindwalo mie

Artist: Natasha Shyrose
Producer: Waterfly Studio 
Executive Producer: Natasha Shyrose
Release: 26.08.2016 

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Mapenzi ni kitendawili, Yanapozidi wawili, Nimempa tuu mwili, Roho yangu iko kwako, Na wewe uko na mwengine, Ambaye akupendaye weye, Itabidi tuu nimpende, niliyenaye anipendae miye,Hebu nikuulize kitu longa longa longa, Ije itokee siku longa, longa, longa, Ikawa mimi na wewe tuu, Kitu gani hautotenda

Chorus: Ulitakiwa kuwa na miye, Nilitakiwa kuwa na weye, Ulitakiwa kuwa na miye Nakupenda penda nakutaka we, Nakupenda penda nakutaka we

Verse 2: Mbalamwezi inawaka, Moyo unataka inachotaka, Mapenzi kweli ni kidonda, Yanavyouma yanachonyota, Umeniacha nina tapatapa, Unanifanya nini weye kijana, Najua hata wewe unanitaka, Sijielewi nimedata, Hebu nikuulize kitu longa longa longa, Ije itokee siku longa, longa, longa, Ikawa mimi na wewe tuu, Kitu gani hautotenda

Chorus: Ulitakiwa kuwa na miye, Nilitakiwa kuwa na weye, Ulitakiwa kuwa na miye Nakupenda penda nakutaka we, Nakupenda penda nakutaka we, Mpenzi uwe wangu

Bridge: Moyo hebu kubali kupendwa, Acha kusononeka mbona wanitenda, Nitakuja kosa kote kote kwa sababu yako, Mimi na wewe ni damu damu, Malikia wa kutimiza zako hamu, Wewe uko huko akili zako ziko huku, Mimi niko huku akili zangu ziko huko

Chorus: Ulitakiwa kuwa na miye, Nilitakiwa kuwa na weye, Ulitakiwa kuwa na miye Nakupenda penda nakutaka we, Nakupenda penda nakutaka we. Mpenzi uwe wangu

Mpende akupendae, Kwani unayempenda Anapendwa na mwengine ,Ambae naye anapendwa kwengine ,Na yule ampendaye anampenda mwengine, Mapenzi kweli ni kitendawili, Kiza na mwangaza ,Kama mbalamwezi Kama mbalamwezi

Saturday, October 15, 2016



Are you at Sunndalsøra tonight?
Never miss out the most ALIVE dj from Lambsread Soundsystem! He is one of the best Djs in Reggae and Dancehall. He is also a radio representer at Irie in Trondheim! I believe you will have a night to remember if only you join the evening. Beside its great adventure to experience something different at Sunndalsøra!

I love connecting people and make magic happen after the connection! It was great pleasure connecting Tendai with my music network from Trondheim, Lambsread Soundstsytem. Anders has worked with great artists like Admiral P, Nico D, Jabaman, Konshens, Adonia, Qalifa, and myself (Natasha Shyrose). We have been creating mixtapes for reggae music whereby Trondheim Kommune supports the project for Reggae Lovers and Fans! It has always been great pleasure to be part of these projects and his festival for over 7 years now.  If you are Reggae Lover get connected with Lambsbread Soundsystem and never miss tonight! You will enjoy yourself big time at Øra Cafè! This will be first time for Anders to play LIVE in Sunndalsøra :) I am so glad after I told him about the event and place he was looking forward to pay a visit! Hopefully he will come in future too! You can always join his events in Trondheim, Oslo, Bergen and other towns! But mostly in Trondheim whereby most great Reggae Concerts occurs! Never miss tonight at Øra Kafè at 22:00. I love Reggae and Dancehall!

Saturday, October 8, 2016


This is another hot spot I like in Dar-Es-Salaam. I love it mostly in the morning but at times in the evening you can enjoy live band! Not to mention waves from the ocean hitting the walls of the restaurant. I just love the sound from the sea its beautiful and mind calming. I prefer mornings because most places are extremely calm and not so many people. I truly love quiet moments to have total relaxation or really great parties. I have no between either too high live place or so calm that I just want to hear nature. If I am to attend a party it has to be real life into it or I see no purpose of going out. For those who wonders why they do not see me at certain places it might be too boring to worth my time and call it a party. That is why I would rather have quiet moment instead to be reflective, creative or think of absolutely nothing!
Beautiful garden and plants so green with plenty of sunshine! 
Feeling the sunshine enjoying the moment with my twin at the brunch. It was a wonderful moment indeed and appreciate every little second of it from the beautiful conversation and quiet moments. Yes we can actually do that in my family we are sort of special people who prefers "ME-TIME" despite being together. One does not need to talk all the time but instead spend the moment together while relaxing! I enjoyed discussing with my twin from science, aeroplanes, global warming, music, arts and metaphysics! 

My twin enjoying the delicious brunch!
Warning this place does serve big portions. We had no idea my prince wanted cheese spaghetti with chicken and I thought that will not be enough. That is why there was an extra pizza but when food arrived it was way too much to handle! It was somehow very funny especially when we had no one around to ask to join us. We had to  make a take away. I walk with my food packages with pride no matter which restaurant I go if I have extra food. I see no point of throwing food and buy again when I get hungry. I also think of poverty on earth worldwide not least the rich people who are greedy to share their food even when they invite you for dinner at their homes. True story never mind but its great to think of others and environment too! 

                                                   Beautiful seaview from Seacliff!

           100 reasons to love Africa but the sea, weather and fresh organic food is heaven on earth!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


At Waterfront Restaurant together with one of my favourite model Upendo who turned to be Miss.Lindi 2016. Sun tanning is real each summer and I love when my skin gets darker!

I love place with tropical climates like South Africa. This is why from June-September is the perfect time to visit Tanzania. For you who is allergic to excess summer this should be the best time to visit Tanzania.

I enjoyed being at Waterfront Restaurant at Slipway! This restaurant is so close to the ocean and the sea breeze. Those things they say money can not buy the special moment feeling winds and sunshine. Personally I used to feel lucky being in Africa every single day with sunshine and place know to have exotic spots. Despite wars at certain places I believe Africa is one of the beautiful places and heaven on earth. To be honest I love having good time and appreciate total relaxation. If you are looking for a place to enjoy your evening while you are in Dar-Es-Salaam just visit Waterfront Restaurant. For you who do diving you will enjoy the clear water of Dar! I enjoy by looking at the sea water, stepping inside or swimming you am not a diver. Perhaps into my next life but not this one. I love though to watch video clips of people who dives not to mention divers into their suits! I wrote too much I guess but am talking about divers who are hot into their diving suits though! You got to work them off you know I appreciate that too! If you are into this blog to do analysis you will go crazy I come as is no pretending acting normal and misery! Just be yourself not matter what and you will start to understand the meaning of life.

What to do at Waterfront Restaurant beside enjoying the spectacular seaview? They offer international to local food. I love the Changu fish its just so tasty! One can experience Tanzanian Cuisine and Combo Seafood! I think they make excellent chicken pizza and desert is simple but tasty. I love the coffee they served and cookies. I normally ask for extra cookies no matter what only if I like the taste.
                                                         (While waiting for our dinner)

I of course pay for extra cookies unless someone is extra polite to offer me something little extra. Most people are polite and humble in Tanzania and I wanted I could have had almost everything for free. You know being given without any expectation? I guess I felt spoiled but I do the same with people around me. I love giving without expecting anything back. I love big time to pay for myself though. So normally I would stop people to pay for me or I feel natural to take them to dinner or enjoy cup of coffee with me. Its about giving, giving and at times receiving but do more of giving whenever you can. At Waterfront restaurant they truly have great service and most enjoyable place to be. You can experience local band like Banana Zorro the music legend from Tanzania playing live concert! This is one of the hottest spot in Dar that you could not miss me at least once per week during my holidays. When you enjoy the place and service of course you wish to enjoy everything. I love visiting the places makes my soul at ease much often! I loved the smell of the ocean! Beautiful sunsets not to mention this place is suitable for all people from children most especially when its close to mini playground, couples enjoying the sunset or single but in love with great meal and view. You can not stop exploring life just because you have no company as many might say! What about your own company? Give yourself really great time whenever you are able to!
                                     View from Waterfront Restaurant in Tanzania!