Saturday, September 24, 2016


Natasha Shyrose in Dar-Es-Salaam.

I had beautiful three months in Africa. Everyday was either full relaxation, enjoyable activities or filled with networking on my business. I had like only 2 unpleasant episodes beside that I truly enjoyed myself fully! That is what I truly needed more than anything in my life a very long holiday. I love travelling and experience new things or do things that I normally find special interest on. I wished to with you beauty of Africa that media hardly show you. Just incase that stops you from travelling to places like East Africa from this blog you will get opportunity to explore lifestyle and travelling in Africa. I am not so good at taking photos of all events like most bloggers. At times one just wants to feel the moment and enjoy it. Not to mention it feels funny to photograph every single thing in front of me all the time. Since I decided to blog that is a sacrifice one has to make. Snap it and share the moment. 

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful place to visit in East Africa. Hopefully next time I can share events from other parts of Africa like Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi or South Africa. I have of course been into those places because I have family and special interest too on above mentioned places! Being a nomadic makes exploring much easier because moving is in my blood! I love to experience but I promise you next time to be 100 times better to take photos. I will carry a camera with me not just mobile photos because it will enable me to take even much more photos without deleting! I need space for more than 4000 photos! Hopefully you can visit Tanzania and Africa because there is always another side of the story that is never told ;) 


This is one of my favourite spot I love to be in Tanzania. Its called Slipway Village too because it contains different store chains and activities. This is a place you can take your partner, family, children or pet for leisure time! You can walk along the beach or swim at the pool for hotel guests! There is a children` play ground, cocktail parties, nightclubs in the evening, disco at terrace and restaurants. 

 If you like quiet moments morning will be most suitable time for you! I love the smell of coffee aroma nad sea breeze just the fresh air. Jazz music into the background and peaceafull atmosphere. This place also launches parties and discos! 

Terrace Slipway

    I love palm treets and flowers! This place should be one of stop over whenever you are in Dar-Es- Salaam!
I am a coffee lover without sugar or cream! Its dark coffee under no milk and amazing taste. I truly do appreciate great coffee beans! Well made and turned into great coffee taste! I just love coffee big time! Terrace also has a restaurant with delicious food and affordable price!

 Beautiful view from Terrace one can see Dar-Es-Salaam` city!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Odd Is Bold Official Website is on (

Model: Siv Sundli
Photographer:Martine Allansdatter Eilertsen
Designer: Odd Is Bold  

I love this photo from one of my clients who works at one of my favorite restaurant Troll in Trondheim ( It was a wonderful pleasure working with this lady. Siv is beautiful and photogenic that I just had to have her photo featured! What I do with my clients is let them decide beside that I design and make their dresses. I love to listen to what they want and how they prefer their final look to be like. As a designer I will either use free creativity on how pattern or details should be replaced and advice what will work on not. At Odd Is Bold we construct a design with our clients. Listening and get connected to their needs that is what I love to do. I once used to make things and people just purchase online or we do alteration if needed. The day one of my friends asked me to design her wedding dress the happiness and appreciation she had inspired me to work with people face to face and closer. It feels great to have connection with the people one works with that is one of the reasons you will never find plenty of dresses on our website. We have no idea what our clients want! When they contact us its when we interact and find what suits them best from body form, color and much more! We are all different and none of us fits well into standard size and this has truly made us grow! Most of our clients wants something that fits them perfect and just for them. None of them wants to wear a dress everybody else has. We also dropped webshop because we connect direct with our clients that gives them experience of being part of the entire production! As a fashion designer I get plenty of challenges and learn along the way what works or not and regulate myself. Growth is what I enjoy into every process I put myself into. It motivates me to do more and become better from day to day. Meanwhile I am working with summer brides from Trondheim and Tanzania. I look so very forward to work with our newest partner in UK! More news to come about this great event :)

I feel an honor to get opportunity to collaborate with Briz from Trondheim. If you want a custommade suit remember to use my name as a code. That will give you a great discount at the counter code: NATASHA 

What I do for Briz is designing dresses for women who wants to own special pieces into their wardrobe. Perhaps I will be the next Balmain in nearest future. They say when you dream aim higher he is one of my inspirations also Vera Wang! We have an interest to parade into runways in London again, Dubai, Lagos, South Africa, Milano and New York! They say sky is the limit but I think our minds are limits! Expand and go beyond your thought dream big that you run sweat of thinking of what you wish to achieve. Do not stop there but also work everyday a step to make you approach your goals! Contact us for interview, featuring or booking for consultation or designs 

                                             Do what you love and love what you do!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dream - Motivational Video


 Born To Thrive!

Hello there!

I wish to only write beautiful events happening in my life, but I have to write this message to reach specific people. I know some of them are sort of obsessed with my life so they will read this or get this message! I kept it  down low despite that once some nursery workers tried to lie to their government that I am violent and abusive against my child. 8 women working hard to put another woman down for nothing, bravo. Is it a price to pay as a foreigner that we are not considered to be women enough? Why telling lies at all when deep inside them they knew they were lying? That was a living hell moment and wasting my whole year dealing with bullshit created by hateful people based on lies. They managed to lie and manipulate from the police, barnevernet. I am thankful for barnevernet at Sunndal for being reflective on this matter and court. Thank God they lost their self made battles. May they be forgiven for sinning and being absolutely evil, Amen. I see some of these events creates themselves by people who feels provoked by being suggested effective ways of creating changes into their society! This is what we call systematic manipulation to mute people with great intention! The problem is, not solving the minor problems can truly cost more than the ignorance suppressed!

I decided to write this blog after being called upon a very weird meeting. Once they pretended to want to talk to me about my company but ended up twisting the entire meeting to something else! They made the meeting personal and tried to make me like I am a bad role model for entire place. What about being a great role model since I come from another country, learned native language and managed to accomplish high level of education with Norwegian? This is what I want others to do being useful to Norway and accomplish something for their own benefit of personal growth. Not only that I also have great intention to contribute to the society but all I faced was blockage from place to another because of rumours they spread around. This is a message whoever has been trying to cross my path with negativity and whoever has such plans in future to exclude me as a foreigner into working market: If you are work with improving people`s lives and simply do not tolerate constructive criticism you are at the wrong job. Once you point out the problem or an issue which as a matter of fact is helpful for society they get offended and provoked. They manipulate the words spoken with good intention to block you out of their way so they can keep up with what suits them best. Its funny such event never happened in all my 14 years stay in Trondheim! Then why are some few "powerful people" busy trying to push me off the edge here at Sunndal? Mind you, I am not talking about the entire place but those specific people who thinks they have power over others! Since such people are expert to turn the words upside down and add lies on top to just build hate squad against their target! As a matter of fact I love this place big time that is why I decided to keep on staying despite rejecting the job offer. I rejected the offer because it did not match my expectation nor the description of the work. I did not go to university to study psychology so that I end up doing things like taking people to buy groceries, cleaning or cooking! If the job description wrote that then I could have understood what I was applying for. That is totally misleading or abusing someone competence offer one job but giving them the other. There is nothing wrong with above mentioned jobs just that its not my area or part of my competence, unfortunately.

I should be motivating them through consultation and such. So please stop boosting around saying I came here because I was offered opportunity which has nothing to do with my competence. I never applied for the job that turned to have total different tasks during the interview! It was totally misleading but I kept silence and used protocol while responding to why I could not take the job! This is typical situation by the way I know people who have been in shock they apply for one job once they meet at interview the entire task change! Perhaps some of you thinks foreigners do not deserve certain positions of work into your communities?  Is it insecurity bothering such people because I have overheard that am highly educated and is that why they trying to lie about me so they can kick me out of working market? Deep inside they know the knowledge I have is highly needed but still,  some of them work extremely hard to find ways to block my chances here totally! Keep on employing people without matching cv and competence because its called networking! What about having a well functioning community with people having right services with qualified people? Is it really good to give people jobs just because they know someone and not having right competence? Its funny each time I see campaigns about anti-bullying without considering adults do the same through telling lies and manipulates others intention. When you tell lies about someone and others react to it in one way or another. Perhaps that person might be social excluded from work, society or community put into your mind that is also BULLYING! How can we learn children to to bully when adults are exposing hypocrite behaviour with same effect?  Its no wonder some treat foreigners like nothing and worthless. What is the point of being Master of everything and bossy all the time without making the people your are serving highly ambitious and independent? When they are not part of society who is to blame; If that foreigners are not working or they are not given a chance?
Just to remind you from now on you are part of my social experience!

Shortly speaking what I care for in my life is development. Human development and our environment generally that is why I have Masters in Neuronscience/ Cognitive Psychology. It is about development through genetic and environment. That means if you feel offended by my suggestion on what is best for other humans` development and blackmail me to be neutral on media for your own good, Think twice. I will not be surprised that the entire squad is against me that they are afraid of collaborating with me because I have strong opinions.  I felt less fortunate to raise issue that was  none of my business because my life is pretty good! As someone who is highly interested to see development I represented the questions of the people who are afraid to raise their personal issues which could take them step further into their lives. My interest was to indicate measures that can be carried out to fix their issues through my Cognitive Psychology competence! I personally wish to work with private and public sectors. Strangely that my opinions suddenly were identified to be very strong and threatening! Its no wonder people are not helping each others and save themselves instead. I wonder in which way that caring for others having a descent life, be independent, gain new skills, manifest their goals and become useful for entire society has suddenly been turned into threat and strong opinion to freak out people At times I wonder if some people truly work to help people to be dependent or help to make others helpless! I careless if they will never collaborate with me or spread lies about me. All I care for is stop lying about my opinions and turn them to look pretty ugly as if I am destroying people around me. When you want to offer a service to help people in need who are hungry for success, learning new things, being independent and instead get accused on wrong things its intimidating and irrational. Its only makes me worried what triggers their way of thinking!

Perhaps they are afraid of seeing these helpless people becoming independent and skill-full. I have taken my hats off but I will not tolerate nobody using their power to tell lies about me. I never went to the university for 5 years to study Psychology to allow people to manipulate my greatest intentions. I look very forward working with people who are looking for changes, development and impact. I want to work with great teams that inspire people to inspire others in life and achieve their goals. I want to collaborate with people who needs not to cover their good deeds with words but actions to be seen through statistic and the people they work for to sparkle and have achieved their goals! I want to work with people who have traveled the world and open to work with people of all nationalities with low and high skills. I wish to work with a team that I can grow and not be on same level for my entire career! That is old model of working with the Boss! You know the difference between a leader and a boss? I want to lead or work with leaders who have respect of individual goals and growth not old time hierarchy way of working! 

I believe everybody has ability to learn new skills and start anywhere in life to achievement. I do believe right environment makes people achieve their goals. There is nothing like slow learner or less intelligent. Once a person has a right learning, supportive tools and right people around you  I believe anyone is able to achieve. If you want to achieve anything study your own progress and ask yourself what have you achieved so far? If you are not sure about your progress try to compare with someone who have right network and tools which support them on same goal as you have. From there on you can come to conclusion either you need to change the environment or strategic tools! At times we might find ourselves at places not supportive despite being full of skills or talent. They will either find an excuse why you are not given that chance or spot to achieve what you already have.

For those who think that since I have a Norwegian partner that makes me have it all you are totally wrong. Whoever lies to you about it sends you a wrong message! I work so hard day and night to achieve my goals. There is nobody will ever achieve for you in life. You are the one to do that. Nothing also gives me self esteem and self respect than own strength on the things I have achieved. I work extremely hard perhaps not hard enough to manifest all my intention but I try. I believe not in free ride but hard work pays off. I am just very strategic if one thing does not work out I switch the lane. If one place is not working out for me I go at another place. Whatever you do in life remember to invest on yourself and blame nobody for not achieving. Not least think not others have it easier just because you do not see their struggle, rejections and failures over and over again!  If your  environment is not supportive find yourself another one than making yourself comfortable with the situation and let years passes by. You will regret the time wasted at one place instead of moving to another and achieve your dreams! I feel so lucky that being in Trondheim just my first year I was able to speak Norwegian and get into the system from work and school! 14 years I did a lot 5 years of university studying psychology and before that 4 years into arts and fashion designing! Guess what I love this place I am right now despite all I went through! I love nature and its beauty!

At last always remember Natasha Shyrose is standing for nothing less or much that has nothing to do with manifestation and goal achieving. I will no longer waste no second for those who tries to block my shine and telling lies about me thinking that will stop me from growing or achieving. I believe success can be made just anywhere not just one place. I also believe there are people out there like myself are waiting for skills, solutions, results than hearing stories! Those are kind of people I look forward to meet and collaborate with. We scientists are straight to the point. We want effective results and positive impact!  I need TEAM GOAL ORIENTED, TEAM ACHIEVING, TEAM OPEN MIND and TEAM INSPIRE, TEAM MOTIVATE! I will stop taking such issues that presents foreigners from this place again! I will remind myself am not your ambassador. All I can do is working with individuals daily as you approached me through consultation with background of my competence. I am glad I motivate people and inspired them to think outside the box. Some of them are doing greater things today and achieved more than I could dream of! Most are working towards their goals and keep updating me about their progress. This also inspires me to stay on track each time someone tries to put me down!

I guess I have made a huge mistake to present "Silent Voices" before I ever mention any challenges these foreigners were facing people seemed positive towards me. I personally even apologised at that meeting and told them I was sorry to care for foreigners who are not progressing to be independent individuals despite many years passing by. I was sorry to represent the challenges these foreigners face and never talk about in public instead they choose to move out as solution and act humble. I think its best to know what people go through and find solution than let them depressed or suppress their feeling until one day someone acts out of control! Instead of complaining within yourselves or to me please take the matters to the people concerned like institute, politicians, tabloids, UN, foreigner`organisation or foreign affairs offices. Personally I have great life with or without working with those people who feel threatened that I presented challenges which could have negative impact into the society we are living. When you have problems or needs someone to talk to meet me as coach or consultant but not to solve the big issues which makes me look as an activist. I am not activist but only care for individual progression that is why I specialised into psychology at first place. To help people individual not to boost better than anybody as they claim!!!  So relax, for those who were worried that I provoke their ignorance you will not see or hear from me, again. I believe this is the best way to bully foreigners off working market. I hope this blog will open up mind of many of you who have thought of me differently because of lies you have heard about me. Spreading wrong information is damaging for individual progression. I hope one day they will have answers to their behaviour why they decided to spread lies about me into their organs! Never put me down because my intention is pure unless they want to embarrassed their working institute from being professional to personal. I had to write this before they raise false alarm. Another institute tried to spread lies about me and almost succeeded to take our son away from us through the system but failed. Then another institute inviting me for meeting to inform me why I will never be offered job because I am threat. I responded that the only threat I have is positive impact on people to have personal growth. We all understand how people are broken daily to believe they are nothing or not made for big dreams. My job is to reset hat mindset. What is threatening about that? The success and independent individuals all around? Isn`t this something we should all stand for than creating people helpless to depend on social help when they have potential to work? By the way spreading lies in one of the best ways to express passive aggression and criminalise foreigners to scare communities and people around them. We are not dangerous but we are created to seem one.

I repeat that I only have greatest interest to work with people who thinks big who have goals of making others achieve in life. I to meet new people who avoids small talks and rumours based on lies because they are the main reason to social exclusion. I want to grow and achieve more in life, so are the people seeking for my advice! Carry on with what you do best and I will do my best helping people to achieve their goals. I mean skills, talents, building self esteem, believing into themselves, tackle stress and improve their mental and physical health! Beside that there is nothing secret am doing that you should be afraid of or create stories about!

Thank you!

Your Sincerly,

 #MadeToThrive #Achiemevent #GoalOriented  #SuccessBuilder #BelieveIntoYourself #NeverSettleForLess #TeamWinners

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lady jay Dee - NDI NDI NDI

Napenda wimbo huu sababu sauti ya Lady Jay Dee ni nzuri na ya kipekee kwa kweli. Music video yake pia ni nzuri sana wataarishaji wamefanya kazi nzuri sana. Production imetulia sana na wimbo kwa kifupi umetengenezwa kiufundi na usanii mzuri kuanzia mtengenezaji, mwandishi na mwimbaji! Endeleeni na kazi nzuri! Lady Jay Dee Keep Up With Great Job!
Kila msanii wa kike mwaka huu kaamua kutoa dozi ya mashairi, tusubirini kwa hamu! Hii ndio Lemonade ya Afrika Mashariki!

Monday, May 2, 2016

LEO by Natasha Shyrose

Sing Leo with Natasha Shyrose by Opening the link below
Verse 1:

Wiki nzima nahangaika
Leo lazima kupumzika
Niwakati wakati kuburudika
Wacha shida zilipotoka
Wacha Tujirushe
Wacha Tucheze
Wacha Tudunde
Nimekuja kuwakalisha
Ingia kati kujumuika
Furahia unamaisha
Cheza Mpaka Jogoo liwike
Wacha Tujirushe
Wacha Tucheze
Wacha Tudunde

Chorus: Leo ndio leo
Asemaye Kesho Ni Mwongo
Leo Ndio Leo Ingia Kati Njoo Ucheze Nami

Verse 2:

Yaliopita yameshapita
Hayarudi kama muda
Hata kama ukinuna
Dunia bado yazunguka
Wacha Tujirushe
Wacha Tucheze
Wacha Tudunde
Muda wako ukifika
Maisha yavulie kofia
Hakikisha uliburudika
Kama hukupenda hukuishi
Wacha Tujirushe
Wacha Tucheze
Wacha Tudunde

Chorus: Leo ndio leo
Asemaye Kesho Ni Mwongo
Leo Ndio Leo Ingia Kati Njoo Ucheze Nami

Songwriter:Natasha Shyrose
Producer: WaterflyMusic Production

Friday, April 8, 2016


Waterflymusic Studio with my producer!

It has been a very busy week in studio recording for my Swahili album. Great things takes time I believe. I enjoy working intensively but also having great time as well. It is not easy being a producer I guess! One has to be creative, attentive,  passion and mentor to the artist! When you get an artist like myself in the studio expect to have me so engaged through the entire process. I just don`t  know how to lay back and wait for the beat ready. I am the beat trust me I do sing my own beat to my producer and ask him to create what is already playing into my mind. We collaborate by searching for the right sound and play live instrument but also take advantage of few samples and put into the song! I of course let in my producer to let their creativity flow with their magic touch on my project! I feel blessed to have great producer who take his work seriously with great passion. I finished one of the songs in which I expect to release in May! I love the song and the message into it! I am very excited about this and hopefully to make my fans happy! Perhaps new people discover my music as well :) 

Natasha Shyrose
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I will keep you posted!